Fixm Professional Opening Pry Pliers Tool Repair Kit (11 Pcs/Lot) with Chuck for opening screen and Non-Abrasive Nylon Spudgers, 11 Piece Set

Product description:

Includes 3 nylon pry tools, 2 mini Screwdriver, Chuck for opening screen

Product Specs:

  • Amazon ASIN: B01IR1GSHC
  • quantity: 11pcs

Product description


  • Opening and Pry Tool to disassembly and repair for smartphone
  • Includes 3 nylon pry tools, 2 mini Screwdriver, Chuck for opening screen
  • Chuck for opening screen, it is special designed according to ergonomic design, carbon material handle, longer, comfortable and anti skid. The PVC sucker is multi angle adjustable and detachable. It is not only suitable for iPhone 5C 5S iPhone6 6Plus, but also for LCD screen of larger tablet computer and other similar equipment
  • The handle is provided with the safety limit cylinder, it can prevent tearing sensitive flex cables while opening
  • The ultra complete dismantle tool set is prepared carefully according to use habits of professional Repair master


NOTE: Must open all the fixed screws, can be all of the above. On the back of some models of mobile phone for aluminum alloy grinding process or uneven granule feeling process manufacturing, PVC suction can’t play normal performance. If you want to use in this type of mobile phone, please paste on the back slip protection film, then the normal use. This 8 piece pry tool electronics opener kit is designed for opening cases and assisting throughout the repair of smart phones and other electronic devices. The Chuck for opening screen is industrial strength suction cups form a perfect seal on your screen. This enhanced of LCD separator is developed by professional Repair master. PVC powerful sucker is 40mm in diameter. Stronger attraction, uniform stress, easier to separate the screen. Simply press the suction cups into the device and squeeze the handles together until you hear the signature clack sound. You can rest assured that your device was opened safely without damaging any internal components.